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Happy Dog Day Care And Boarding

Give your furry canines the best social experience. At Happy Dog Day Care And Boarding, we pamper your dogs and shower them with love. We love dogs of all sizes – so much that we have separated play areas for their own safety. Our indoor and outdoor play area is sure to give them an exciting and safeplaytime.

Why Choose Us

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding

Open play

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding

Clean facility

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding

“Small Dog Area” 30 Lb.’s or less

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding

Loving community

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding

Healthy social environment

Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding

“Big Dog Area” From Great Danes to ‘Doodles

We have flexible business hours!

Doggy daycare is an excellent choice to improve your dog's overall health. It comes with a wide range of benefits. This is a great option for those dogs that need more exercise. Dogs can run, play, and have fun with other dogs and humans as well. Daycare helps in physical stimulation, reduces boredom, and improves your dogs' confidence.

100% Cage-free

With our 100% cage-free facility, your dog is free to play indoors or outdoors. Specialty K9 grass, toys, pools, agility equipment, and plenty of friends ensure your dog will come home happy and tired - dreaming of the next visit!


We make sure the dogs at Happy Dog Day Care And Boarding leave our premises more than happy. We are also available to help out in any situation from emergency boarding to late night pickups and drop offs. Please communicate with our team when a situation arises.

Doggy Daycare Packages

Let your dogs have fun exercising and socializing at our facility. Dogs love our cage-free facility.

Onboarding Services

We provide premier dog boarding services that are unique in every aspect. Our services are priced competitively. We offer multiple dog daycare packages, along with full dog grooming services, professional dog training and free tours by appointment.


Sharon Pierce

Our young adult Great Dane loves her playtime at Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding. She comes home relaxed, happy, and tired. I am so glad there is such a convenient place for her to go with a great staff that knows how to deal with her special needs. We have also boarded our dog there, and they even send you an e-mail from your pet, complete with picture. It is a great relief to know that our dog is well cared for while we are at work and can get the exercise and social interaction she needs in a safe, caring environment.

Dana Mowat

We love Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding and know that when Ruby is there, she exercises, and gets all the attention. She is loved and cared. She knows where she is going when we pull into the driveway and pulls me into the door. The owners helped me through the puppy stages and are great persons. I would recommend everyone with a dog to try it out!

Katy S.

Both me and my dog are very thankful for the Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding! I love that the dogs have so much room to run and play – they even have the option of going outside! My mutt has quite a bit of energy, and whenever she comes home, she is worn out and content. The owners are lovely with the dogs, and I feel at ease while I am at work knowing my dog is in good hands. I would recommend Happy Dog Day Care and Boarding to anyone who loves their dog!