Dog Boarding


**A walk is recommended for dogs on extended stays. This walk in a residential neighborhood allows your dog 30 minutes away from the high energy bustle of the pack.


Boarding Times:

6:00 am until the following morning at 11 am
Pick up is Monday through Sunday: 6:30 am until 7 pm

Dogs enjoy socializing and playtime, but they also need a quiet sanctuary for downtime and sleep. Boarders at Happy Dog Daycare and Boarding enjoy both! Happy Dog’s overnight area is furnished in a climate controlled area with elevated beds, where every guest receives a peanut butter kong before bed.

First-time overnight guests must complete an online enrollment form and temperament test at least 24 hours before booking their reservation.

Temperament tests are no charge and can be done Mon-Friday, before 10 am, and once we determine your dog meets our criteria for play style and temperament your dog will enjoy the fresh air and supervised play in our daycare groups.

Medication is administered at no charge.

All boarding dogs should check in no later than 7:00 PM (Mon-Sun)